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Higher Education Reborn


with Bobbe Baggio

Calendar Aug 20, 2021

AIEd (Artificial Intelligence in Education) is a broad topic that is picking up steam.  Although it has been researched for over 30 years, only recently has it been coupled with an understanding of what AI really is, what it can deliver, and how it does what it does. Many simple versions are already used in schools and human resources departments to mine data or EDM (Educational Data Mining) and make predictions about success or failure in the classroom or the workplace. Particularly crucial to this conversation is what it is not. It is not smart technology that adapts to what is liked rather than what is learned. It is not smart administration without more efficient learning. AIEd is smart technology that impacts the learning of every learner and supports the teaching and training professions. AIEd is in the very early stages. It needs to be developed to allow better assessment, planning, delivery, pedagogy and experiences for learning. Incorporating learning science is an integral part of the advancement of AIEd. It offers the possibility of learning that is more personalized, flexible, engaging and inclusive. It has the possibility of closing achievement gaps and increasing teacher retention and development. Most importantly, it can help us learn, how people learn.

Workshop Objectives:

Using the templates and the files provided, the participant will be able to:

  • Evaluate K-12, HEd and L&D and the three big reasons for each level of our current education.
  • Investigate trends in AIEd and tools that are available now.
  • Describe ways that AIEd incentivized changes in the levels of learning.
  • Define approaches to learning to think and away for a body of knowledge.
  • Experience different AI available now to education for now. 

 *Available as a keynote


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